Tales junk: who needs old things? Doll

Soviet children had few toys. The main life proceeded on the street. Here they played with the ball, in Cossacks-robbers, in the "deaf" phone. Kids fumbled in the sandbox or on the hill. In bad weather, they played board games at home. The dolls were simple. My first baby doll is a celluloid little naked baby doll.

Are there any perfect crimes?

“You see ...” a young, pretty girl began uncertainly, looking hopefully in her eyes at a private detective. “Yes, you, Katerina Mikhailovna, don't worry,” Boyko Igor Anatolyevich broke the long silence. He glanced at the guest with a quick glance, holding his gaze a little at the companion’s nervously billowing big breasts.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Here are the most popular styles of decorating Christmas trees: 1. Traditional. Traditionally, the Russian Christmas tree should be bright and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. First of all, hang an electric garland with light bulbs on the Christmas tree, then - toys, below and closer to the trunk - larger in size, above and at the ends of the branches - smaller.

Kids games - learning or entertainment?

That's always the way! Lord, how embarrassing! A child is growing, and he has no time to devote time to ... Okay. Tomorrow I'll buy something cute for a child ... Familiar? Still would! How many times too busy parents refuse to fulfill their parental responsibilities in terms of education, compensating for their inattention to children with a bright toy or new clothes in the wardrobe!

How to self-correct self-esteem?

In the study of self-esteem important point is the level of claims of the individual. If a person makes unrealistic demands on himself or others, insurmountable obstacles on the way to the goal are more likely to await him. He is more likely to experience failures. Assessment criteria are usually general cultural and social individual value ideas, perception stereotypes or standards learned throughout life.

Is there any benefit from computer games? Experience one gamer

Someone will say that they develop reaction and thinking, someone will say that they are one evil, and because of them children become maniacs and psychos. Well, let's add our portion of the oil to this dispute by interviewing one very familiar gamer. Ready? Author: Good afternoon. Tell me how long you have been communicating with computer games, what is your experience, so to speak.